Oregon dating scene

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You can be chatting to 1000s of single emo girls and guys in a matter of minutes.

I don't think I would enjoy it single, or in the winter.

Well, come to the 6th annual /r/Portland Thanksgiving potluck.

Most residents are more interested in hitting the trails after work than in burning the midnight oil at a desk to get a promotion or jump up to the next tax bracket (sometimes those things are not even possible in Bend). But it’s not just the restaurants in Bend that embrace the low gear in life.

I find myself sitting in the slow lane in “traffic” all the time, when it would be easy to switch lanes to get to my destination like a minute earlier, but why? ) singing along to The Sea The Sea, and changing lanes is just too much effort. If your blood pressure rises when you have to wait more than 10 minutes to place your order or when you have to track a server down to pay your bill in an understaffed restaurant, Bend might make you a little crazy. Because ambition isn’t the chief motivator in this town, sometimes it’s hard to get stuff done, to make things happen as quickly or as efficiently as you’d like.

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